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Does anyone believe in love anymore Wants Teen Fuck

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Does anyone believe in love anymore

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I believe in the concept and principals of love, of loving mankind, each other, but as far as romantic love, between two people, I used to, I know what it is, what it takes to make it happen, and of course, I have seen it.

I am always happy for. But for myself, sigh, perhaps not. I tend to really shy away from personal relationships and keep to.

At some point in our lives that gets a little old, and most of us seek something a bit more substantial. Unwilling to settle, I wanted the real thing, I wanted the one real love of my life, not a digital copy, a facsimile of what everyone thinks love should be.

I do not need to on the dotted line. There is no need to own because love is not a possession.

I want to be unforgettable. I want to be more than just good for one night. I had hoped for good for a lifetime.

I wanted to be an equal partner, someone Adult seeking casual sex Thomasville Pennsylvania 17364 is deemed worthy, and I wanted someone who was truly going to love me and allow me to love him completely. I wanted to make memories, snowball fights in winter, super-soaker water fights with the neighborhood kids in summer, just being able to be goofy with someone, to be.

Someone I could travel with, learn about the world from, someone who is as passionate about his life as I am.

I wanted laughter, an everlasting kind of love. I want the words I and me to slowly melt into we and us. I usually mess it up.

I need the words this time, something tangible. Okay, the word is chicken.