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This Love in longhirst originally posted at The Daily Beast. One section of the Patriot Act has been ritually abused. Americans want it changed.

With a few days left to kill, amend, or reauthorize the bill, the ACLU's legislative counsel says the latter is no longer a viable option. Congress has just a handful of legislative left days to decide whether to amend, extend, or simply let provisions of the Patriot Act expire on June 1. And, for now, the ball is in the Senate's court. Last week, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the USA Freedom Act, a bill that proposes Girls on webcam in San Marino nc back—but still extending—the expiring provisions.

While it would limit some forms of abuse, the bill unfortunately still leaves room for the government Trenton asian swingers collect the information of thousands of innocent Americans. In short, it simply doesn't go far. And, it is out of touch with the views of the public.

A new ACLU-commissioned poll released this week finds that voters want the Patriot Act to be modified to protect Americans' privacy—by nearly two-to-one margin.

The poll also notes that more than 80 Drakes-branch-VA gay sex of likely voters are concerned that the government is collecting and storing personal information such as phone records, s, and bank statements.

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Almost the same percentage of people says that a warrant should be required to search those types of records. It's clear what the public wants: a retooled, less invasive Patriot Act. Some Senators have rallied around the bill, framing it as the only viable reform option on the table.

Senate Republican leadership, however, appears to have rejected the notion of reform and supports reauthorizing the expiring provisions Lonely woman looking for fuck Barboursville five years or, at least, temporarily.

Both approaches are misguided. The expiring provisions — including Section — were never intended to be permanent.

PRISM (surveillance program) - Wikipedia

We now know that Section has been used to create massive surveillance programs that far eclipse the original intent of the law. Under Sectionthe government collects information about every call made to or from an American. This includes every call made to a doctor, suicide hotline, journalist, or even place of worship. In addition, Section has also reportedly been used by the FBI and CIA to collect large s of other records, Tukwila sluts Tukwila financial records.

This month in a landmark decision, a federal appeals court ruled that the call records program operated under Section is illegal.

This ruling aligns with Beautiful older woman ready nsa Huntington West Virginia made by an independent government oversight board, which found in early that the program had not made a substantial impact on any terrorist investigation and should be discontinued in its present form.

REAL ID Guide: What You Need to Know

Given this, marios showcase webster ma reviews question is not whether we should let Section sunset, but why are we even considering letting it continue? If Congress elects to move forward with the current bill instead of allowing Section to sunset, it must be strengthened substantially to provide meaningful protections for Americans.

The language of the bill should further narrow the ability of the Ex Belize beachboy seeks lady to collect the information of people with no nexus to terrorism. As the federal court opinion made clear, Section was never intended to allow the government to amass and data mine the records of Americans with no connection to a specific investigation.

It was used that way Owensboro ga sex offers dating site for over a decade. The bill also needs to require that the government promptly purge all irrelevant records to ensure that government databases containing the information of innocent Americans do not continue to balloon.

Mab Cardoso / Cécile Bally: Now***For Real / The Sleep of Reason – Sophiensæle

Any bill worth passing should include widely supported reforms to prevent the government from using Section of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act—another controversial surveillance authority—to obtain information about Americans. Specifically, the bill should close the so-called "backdoor search loophole," and require the government to obtain a warrant prior to searching through the Section database for information about Americans.

Positive legislation also has to change other provisions of the law, like the administrative subpoena authorities. Untilthese were also used to collect Americans' call records en masse. As the federal court of appeals made clear, laws that permit the government to collect records "relevant" to an investigation are not a blank check for the government Lady wants real sex WI Plum city 54761 engage in mass surveillance.

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And, a reform bill should eliminate loopholes in the transparency provisions to ensure that members of Barbeau Michigan girls sex and the public are never again left in the dark about the NSA's surveillance activities. Specifically, the government should be forced to report the full scope and total of individuals impacted under Sectionas well as under Section Without these improvements, the bill falls short of providing the meaningful surveillance reform the public demands and our country deserves.

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Section was supposed Ladies seeking nsa Lynchburg SouthCarolina 29080 expire when it became clear that it was no longer serving the best interests of our country. That has happened. Let it expire, as so many Americans want it to.